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Thoughts of Christmas

Short weekend, Lazy and wonderful. Husband and dogs are sound asleep so I have time for a few words.

So much to get done tomorrow, that I’m in no hurry to hear that old clock sound wake-up! I will probably stretch the morning as far as possible with coffee, coffee, coffee! Then I’ll run around like crazy doing laundry, cleaning and taking down bad sheet-rock and even worse insulation.

I’ll try to have the new insulation in so we can put up the new sheet-rock after dinner. Have to at least get the insulation in as it is suppose to be cold tomorrow night.

If I can get these few things done, the floating and such of the sheet-rock can wait until after Christmas. As is, the way things stand, haven’t even started to decorate!! That’s the easy part though as we don’t require much for there will be only the two of us and the dogs to enjoy it.

Christmas will be a bit lonely this year with family far away but we will make the most of just being together and being in good health. That and many phone calls to everyone will make our Christmas bright! This simple Christmas brings back memories of Christmases of old. A time of few presents, shoes filled with nuts, fruit and candy, helping prepare dinner with Mother and my four sisters while Daddy kept the fire going and steadily changed the record player so Christmas music filled the air. What wonderful times we had then.

Christmas would be so much happier if we made it more about spending time with those we loved then how much to spend. I think we should practice putting “simple” back in Christmas along with love and Christ.

That said I best shut this down and get some sleep so I can get on with things in the morning, maybe I wont take so many coffee breaks after all! It’s beginning to feel more and more like Christmas.

Good Night and Merry Christmas everyone!



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Hello World

I’m not sure where this is all going but hopefully it will be an interesting journey and maybe others will enjoy coming along with me. Now I have to rush out for a late but wonderful birthday dinner. 🙂

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